Hello Everyone - its me Crissy doll!  

I left Singapore last night and arrived here for a short stay in Davao City.  Davao City is a
such a lovely place. Check out the view from my hotel window.  I feel like I have died and
gone to dolly heaven! I have been researching local sites and wowee I sure wish I could
spend a few more days here. There is a crododile farm close by that I would love to tour.
There's also a garden resort, nature park and a zoo that all sound interesting. Sure wish
Velvet and Cinnamon were here to help me decide what to do!
Well I decided to go to the zoo
and see the local animals.  Are
you ready to come along with
me?  Off we go!

The bird on the left is a Hornbill.  
He seemed to like his picture
taken! haha

See the eagle photos? They eat
monkeys for lunch!

The Bearcat below looks like
something Cinnamon would bring
home - but they say he can be
very mean and that's why he is
named "Bear" cat.  He likes to
eat fruit.
This little striped face animal is a
Palm Civet and he has a gland that
produces a substance that is used
to make perfume.  Neato!
I decided to take a walk around the
zoo before I left and saw this
beautiful flower.

Well its time to go back to the hotel.  I
leave tomorrow, so I must pack.  

One thing for sure - Davao City is a
lovely paradise!
These photos are of Visayan
Spotted Deer. They were
kinda people shy!
Davao City is a rememberable place
and I will treasure my time here
always and I especially loved the
animals at the zoo. Visiting here was
a real blast!  

Tomorrow I head somewhere else so
this is goodbye for now.
Here's another scenic photo of the gorgeous view.
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