Hi, its me Crissy doll and I arrived here in Hong Kong in the evening
and wow what a site to behold.  The lights are so gorgeous!! This is
a short stop over  on my way to Japan - yes I am traveling to Japan!
 Did you notice that some of the signs are written in English also?  
Kinda cool huh?

I am so happy that I can squeeze in one day of site seeing before
my next stop.  The lovely view below is of the Gold Coast.  The
water is an incredible shade of blue. To the right is Mong Kok
Station.  Boy it sure is a busy place. A tourist like me could get lost.
This bridge is called Tsing Ma bridge. The sunset is so

They were having a class when I snapped this picture above. I
LOVE the headress she is wearing.

There's a downdown street market picture below - cool huh?

Well I travel to Japan tomorrow.  I am starting to feel like a jet
setter - haha! These short stops are so groovy! Lele is going to
accompany me as my private tour guide for the Japan trip.  See
her picture below.
Gold Coast
Mong Kok Station
Tsing Ma Bridge
Local Street Market
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