Hi! Miss Take and me - Crissy doll arrived here today and were ready to tour. The
weather was perfect. Catalina is a very beautiful place. Check out our fun-filled-day
photos below!

PS: I have traveled with a lot of dolls since I began this international tour, but I have to
report that Miss Take has gotten noticed more than any other doll! Its her eyes I think and
maybe her cute and kicky Japanese outfit too!
I arrived at Sea-Tac Airport late
last night. I rode a cab to my hotel,
The Edgewater Inn. Its a fabulous
place. Gomez wanted me to stay
there as you can fish out your
hotel window if you like. hehe
I will let you know if I catch

Anyway, I was sleepless in Seattle
ya know, so I headed off bright
and early on the monorail to see
the sites. I went to the Seattle
Center (see my picture in front of
the famous fountain above) and
walked through Pike Place Market
too. Then I took a trip over to Point
Defiance Park Zoo only to return
on a ferry boat to the Pier by my
hotel.  I ate dinner at the Space
Needle's restaurant. Yummy!
I sure had a great time in the
Emerald City!

Love, Crissy
Hi!  Look who I met in San Antonio....Cricket!  She is going to travel with me for
awhile. We toured around the River Walk and went to the Alamo too. The
weather is still warm here around 80 degrees, perfect for traveling.
Can you find us in the boat?
Here we were trying to figure out where to go next. ha ha
This waterfall was so pretty.
We sure had a
nice time!
Love, Crissy
Here's our picture in front of one of the missions near the Alamo.
Cricket went on ahead to our next stop to Nancy's. Wow did I have
a blast in Tennessee! Love, Crissy
Photos courtesy of Margaret
First we visited Nancy at her farm and then she drove us up the
winding road to the caves today. Boy is she a good cook and she is
a lot of fun! We enjoyed the day very much. We went on the day
tour instead of the evening candlelight tour because Cricket is
afraid of the dark. hehe See the entrance below and the rest of our
cave tour photos too.
Where are we
going next?

We don't know,
its bound to be
fun on
& Cricket
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