Hi, its me Crissy doll - I am starting my checklist of all the places I want to visit
here in Tokyo.  My list keeps getting longer all the time!  I am so glad that
Crissytown staff arranged for Lele to tour me around Tokyo. This is a busy
place and big place. I am staying with Lele at her house for a whole week.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one third of Japan's population lives in
Tokyo and 60% of all of Japan's business is in Tokyo.  

We are headed to a puppet show today. I can hardly wait.  Do you know that
the puppets are so ornate that it takes 3 people to operate them?  Yes its
true! Lele was explaining the Japanese Bunraku form of puppetry to me
today. It dates back to the 17th century. The master puppeteer has 10 years
of experience and they operate the delicate movements of the right hand and
the head. The master puppeteer is assisted by two black-hooded assistants.
The puppets are larger than me - they are 4 to 5 feet tall. There is a narrator
of the story too and an musician that plays a stringed instrument. They are
seen by the audience and so are the puppeteers.  

Well here we are in line at the ticket counter.  I am getting a little hungry. Lele
said that we will be served lunch at intermission. Yummy! I am sure looking
forward to that. haha  
Aren't the puppets just awesome?
Each one is a piece of art.
I really enjoyed the puppet play!
We are back at Lele's now and I am reading and
relaxing a bit before we go out for a night of
shopping.  Check back soon as Lele said she is
going to try to take me to all the places on my
list.    Love, Crissy
We had a nice dinner and then went shopping.  I
bought a few souvenirs for Cinnamon and Velvet.
Guess you didn't know I could pose like
this didya? Well, I don't do it for just
anybody but these guys are SO cute!
I'm getting all bent out of shape, I hope
my legs joints don't get too loose!
Wow I can't wait to see
where Lele takes me
tomorrow! Keep
checking back to see my
Tokyo adventures.  
Love, Crissy
Lele said that I have been invited to take a  
Karate lesson today. Her friend teaches Karate
locally here and learned that I was traveling the
world and said that I should learn some Karate
techniques for my safety. I informed Lele this
morning that I haven't a Karate suit and lo and
behold she said they had one made for me.  
How did they know my size I wonder?  haha
Here I am modeling my new suit. How do I look?

Check out my belt it's white because I am a
beginner. Lele said that there are 7 standard
belt colors although this can vary slightly from
school to school:

White (for beginners like me)
Orange (my fave color! teehee)

The color of your belt changes as you
increase your expertise or rank.
I was first taught how to tie my belt. They said
that there are many different ways to tie a belt.
The belt shall sit above the hip bones and
shall be tied firmly, so that it doesn’t loosen or
come off during your lesson. The ends of the
belt shall be of equal length. You are not
suppose to let the belt cross at the back.

My Karate suit is called a Gi.  A Gi consists of
a jacket, pants and belt.

Haha they said I have to be barefoot - so off
the shoes go!

I am suppose to stretch a bit before the class
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