Cricket, why won't you tell me where we are going next?

Oh Crissy, just wait and see! (giggle)
Our next stop is a surprise party for
Crissy doll! Sssshhhh
I'm calling CrissyTown if Cricket doesn't tell me soon! I wonder what's up?
Okay everyone she is getting ready to come in!
Wowee Cricket! I had no idea you had this planned.
Hi everyone! Cinnamon I missed you so much!
Crissy, Cricket, Velvet & me lil 'Cinnamon' are off to visit Robin and Disney World next!
Hi! We had such a nice time
visiting Robin. She is feeling so
much better now. Her hubby isn't
a very good cook though! ha ha

Well, when we arrived at Disney
World I had to check in with
CrissyTown, so Cricket and
Velvet were put in charge of
watching Cinnamon.

Off I went, and off went
Cinnamon! The girls lost her,
they were frantic when I caught
up to them - Cinnamon had run
off with Goofy! See the fun below.
There she is the mischievous Cinnamon! ha ha
Where did she go Velvet?
I don't know Cricket, but Crissy is gonna be
mad at us for this one!
Hey you two where is Cinnamon? Oh
here she comes now! Where have you
been Cinnamon?
Hi Crissy, Cricket &
Velvet, I was having my
picture taken with Goofy -

Well you sure look cute
Cinnamon, but you scared
Cricket & Velvet so bad,
that I thought they were
gonna pull their grow hair
pony tails out! ha ha
Stay Tuned right here
for more fun &  

Love, Cinnamon &
Cinnamon - where have you been?
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