Hi! Its me Crissy doll on a
our a rice farm today. It
was very interesting.

There were ducks
swimming in the field right
next to the rice plants!
This was a lot of fun! Now I want to show
ya some of the scenic landscape here in
Everything is so beautiful here.  The
flowers, trees and especially Mt Fuji.  
It's so pretty - its breath taking!  

The people are so nice too!

I want to ride on the Bullet train
tomorrow! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
Hi,  Well here I am visiting the Akiharbara electronic consumer district in downtown Tokyo. What a place - someone called it
Electronic Town and boy are they ever right! I saw everything I ever wanted to buy and all in one area. The stores are fabulous!
What a trip I have had here so far in Tokyo and Lele said that tomorrow she has even more fun things planned for me.  I can't wait.  
Well off to buy something to bring back home to the girls.  See ya later.  Love, Crissy
Today I am going to ride the bullet train.  Isn't it sleek?  I
am so excited!  Toodles! Gotta run and go get my ticket.
Yeah got my ticket now to go find my seat.
Here's a photo inside the train.
Here I am inside the train at my window seat.  I
love the view and we went so fast I could hardly
believe it - we went over 200km/h - not sure how
fast that is but it sure was a thrilling ride! haha
The bullet trains carry over 1 million people a
day. WOW that's a lot of passengers.  The food
is great too! I munched a bunch on my bullet
train trip. Next stop Akiharbara! See ya there.
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