Hi, Lele and I  - Crissy doll
enjoyed a wonderful Japanese
dish of beef sukiyaki.  WOW was
it delicious!  Yes it has raw egg in
it and I still loved it.  Hehe

Look Miss CrissyTown 2006 was
our server tonight.  Isn't she
lovely? Now we are off to attend a
Kabuki dramatic play.
See ya there!
Kabuki, a Japanese theatre dates back to the early
1600's.  The word 'Kabuki' is composed of three
Japanese characters: 'ka' meaning 'songs', 'bu'
meaning 'dance' and 'ki' meaning 'skill'.  You could
possibly liken Kabki theatre to a Japanese
Shakespearian opera. Kabuki is more entertaining,
energetic and awesome in the use of its color,
makeup, movements and often other spectacular
dramatic effects such as using concepts such as
showing actors flying or arriving from trap doors within
the stage.  The costumes are awesome too! We really
enjoyed the dramatic performance.

Today was my last day in Japan.  Boy what
awesome adventures I had there -
unforgettable ones for sure. I really had a
great time here so its gonna be kinda sad
to say goodbye. Lele was such a great host
and tour guide.

The staff at Crissytown will not let me tell
you where I am headed next but its going to
be so neat!!!  Stay tuned and keep
checking back to see more of my
international tour.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at the
cafe.  Yummy fries and burgers my fave!

Here I am saying my final goodbyes to Lele.
 She has asked if she can come visit me in
the states sometime - that would be so ultra
groovy!  Well now I have to gather up all
my monies and passport for the trip, Lele
reminded me to be careful traveling.

Well this is it they just called my flight
number.  Off I go on my next jet set
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