Hi and Surprise! Today I am visiting the Great Wall of
China - one of the seven Medieval Wonders of the World.
Did you know that the Great Wall is by far one of
mankind's great endeavor's? What an awesome site it is!!!
I have been told that the hike is pretty difficult so I wore my
comfortable shoes. Of course my tour is not of the whole
thing as its 4000 miles long.  Whew - now I am in pretty
good shape but would never make all that.  My legs might
fall off! haha

Okay here's a few fast facts for ya:

The current Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty -
starting around 1368 and ending around 1640.

Through the centuries over 1 million people assisted in the
building of the Wall.

The average width of the Wall is 18 feet wide and the
average height of the Wall is 25 feet.

My trip just wouldn't have been complete without touring
this popular Chinese tour site.  See me relaxing under one
of the many archways.
Here's a picturesque view of the roadway.  Do you like my hat?  It sure
came in handy on the tour when it got warm.  Check out this sign!
I leave here in the morning to hop a plane to my next adventure so catch
ya real soon!  Love, Crissy
Howdy! Can you see me in this picture? WOW what a farout
place the Taj Mahal is!!! It's bigger than life and its the Seventh
Wonder of the World. I found out today that the building of the
Taj Mahal began in 1630 by Emperor Shah Jahan in the
memory of his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal that died in
childbirth. How romantic huh? It took over 20 thousand people
22 years to build this awesome structure.  
I am so glad that I had Miss India to tour me around in such a
large place - see her picture with me clowning around below.
Hope you enjoyed
the pictures of my

Well tomorrow I
head some where
else in the world -
so keep checking
back to see more of
my continuing travel

This sure is the life
for a doll! haha
Toodles for now!
Hi there!
In case you don't know I am a Talky 6-phrase Crissy doll so I just LOVE to gab! haha I made a
new friend on the way to Thailand on the plane and her name is Meg. We discovered that we are
even staying at the same hotel so she offered to show me around.  I told her that I was only
going to be staying here tonight and tomorrow so was gonna call it an early night - but she
insisted I have dinner with her and watch the show at the hotel.  How could I have refused?
Especially when she said that I would know who was singing.  I though WOW may be its David
Cassidy so I stayed - he's so groovy! So we ate a nice dinner - yes I did try some crocodile and it
was pretty good. haha

Much to my surprise Meg disappeared and left me alone at the table. Before I knew what was
going on they announced the entertainer for the evening and it was Meg hereself! She is a great
singer! She gave an awesome performance and even called me up on the stage to introduce
everyone to me. I was so nervous speaking into that microphone - me who has the gift of gab! It
was a great moment in my dolly life and Meg and I will always be the best of friends.

Well I thought how are we gonna top last night?  Well we did - as we visited many of Thailand's
beautiful sites and here's a few photos below for you to enjoy.

Where am I going next?  Sssssshhhhhh you should know I can't tell ya yet! haha

Love, Crissy
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