Where am I traveling next?  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hi!  Happy St Patrick's Day! See my green pin?  Isn't it cute? I didn't wanna get
pinched. haha  I stayed a few extra days at Cape Town to relax and just kick
back.  Here I am on the right at the airport getting ready to hop a ride to my hotel
room to unpack. I have a tour schedule to meet so see ya in a few minutes!
The driver told me this was my hotel room - he had me worried for
a minute - then he said they tease all the tourists! haha
Words can't begin to describe how awesome these ancient relics are! Its neat
being here to explore the wonder of it all.  Do you think I will last as long as they
have? I do not think I am made that well really.  They do make me realize how
small I am.

Check out the Sphinx and pyramids below!
I had to stop to catch my breath and
have a drink of H2O. Whew! I might have
to soak my feet tonight after all the
walking I did on the tour.  It sure is
awesome here and there is so much to

Look at the neat drawings and
hieroglyphics behind me.  Cool huh?
Sakkera Pyramid
Hi,  I am in Israel today. What an honor to be here and what a beautiful
country.  Its so neat here because Israel is a very small place - so the
mountains and plains, fields and desert are all very close together.  You
can cross the whole width of Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the
Dead Sea in 90 minutes. I had no idea! The length of Israel takes about 9
hours to travel from one end to the other.  
One of the first places I wanted to see was the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point
on earth at about 1,300 feet below sea level. Its waters have the highest level of
salinity and density in the world.
Here is a photo of a temple in
Jerusalem - isn't it pretty?  Excuse me
just a minute.

Hi Cinnamon! I heard you missed me
and I miss you too.  We will see each
other very soon. Love, Crissy

PS: Click on the link below to see more
of my Israel adventures.
Some of the Crissy on Tour photos are from: www.bigfoto.com

Today my travels take me to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape
Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities in South
Africa or possibly the world! It is breathtaking.

Here's a picture of me in front of where I am staying.  The
weather is just fantastic here.  My tour guide is Deby - she's so
much fun!  We toured the shoreline and the dock too; see her
picture below. The people run on "Africa Time" here and that
means they are very laid back - slower than the rest of the
world.  My kinda place! haha

Aren't the penquins adorable?  I bet Cinnamon would love to
run and chase them around!

Enjoy the photos as I am going for a swim.

Catch ya later gater!

Love, Crissy doll from the
Crissy family dolls
Hi Velvet!  I am trying to call Crissy. I
miss her and want her to come home
and play with me. <pouty face>

Cinnamon -- remember Crissy
emailed us yesterday, she is leaving
Egypt today and headed somewhere
else.  We can write her an email on
my laptop if you like but we can't call
her today as she is on a big airplane.

What would you like to do? We can
go over to Dina's if you like.  Would
you like to fly a kite? Please stop
pouting, you know we are going to
see Crissy very soon.

Okay Velvet lets go to Dina's and
see if she wants to fly a kite with us -
but just remember I still miss Crissy!
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