Hi its me Crissy doll again!  
Here's a view of Jerusalem from the hillside
here on the right. We sure had nice
weather for the tour.
Check out this cool fruity car I saw -  I love it as of course
my fave color is ORANGE! haha
I took a walk downtown to the open market place by myself and got a
little turned around so I stepped into this shop for directions.    
I better find my tour group before they leave without me.
Hmmmmm what did that nice man in the shop say to do at
the archway?  Turn left or right?  I think I am lost again!
Oh I remember now - he told me to follow the REX arrow.  
Yeah.....I see my tour group - wait for me!!!
Whew that was close!  

Here's a few photos of the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall -
Beneath the Dome of the Rock.  What an awesome place
Jerusalem is! More of my tour soon!

Love, Crissy
Hi! This is day 2 in Jerusalem. We are going to tour
some of the most famous places in the world today.  
I am very excited and plan on staying with the tour
group the whole time.  Between us I really kinda got
scared when I got lost yesterday.  

Today we are touring Golgotha and the Garden of the
Tomb.  Toodles - see ya there!
Can you see the eyes, nose and mouth?  The tour guide explained that this rock
formation has eroded and changed the hill over time. I think you can still see the skull
though.  Here I am at the door of the tomb ready to go in.  
WOW this place is so farout! Its like a dream
come true to be here. I have chills! I am so glad
that the staff at CrissyTown has allowed me to
tour around and see all of these interesting
places. Honestly after my visit to Jerusalem I will
never be the same.

Tonight I meet Miss Lebanon for dinner - see
our picture below.  I will not be able to travel to
Lebanon this tour so she came over to meet me
- how sweet huh?

Here I am in Moscow. I had to break out some of my warmer clothing for this leg of the
tour as its a little chilly here.  Did you know that Russia is the largest country in the
world? I didn't! The territory of Russia spans through 11 times zones. My stay here is
very short so I won't be traveling through all of those time zones. haha

Well here's some photos of our tour of Red Square and the Kremlin below.  
Check out the size of that clock below!
Wow! This is a cool
looking church!
Here I am with Cilla - one of my
tour guides. We have a party to
attend this evening and then I
leave here to go to Europe

Well Ta ta for now!  
Love, Crissy
Later on that evening:

I'm all packed Velvet to meet our

Awwww Cinnamon you are so silly
you have to take more than your
Ann & Andy dolls to Europe!
Hey Cinnamon - Cricket's
here with Fido.  Would you
like to go for a walk?  Cricket
said you can hold his leash
on the walk.

Ah Velvet how are things
going with C-r-i-s-s-y?  

Oh well thanks for spelling
Cricket as Cinnamon has
had some big ears lately
and somedays and I think
she can even spell. haha
We are set to leave next
week for the MEETING!
C'mon Cinnamon lets go

Hi ya Creeket & Fido!
Hi ya yourself Cinnamon!

I will tell you more later
Cricket - you are a true
friend coming over tonight to
distract us a little. <wink>>
I am in Constantinople,
Turkey today.  We were not
planning on stopping here
but we had plane trouble. I
hope they don't loose my

They told me to wait until
they call my name.  
Yes I am Crissy Dahl.
Here's my passport.

What?? You say that our
plane is down for the night!
 Awww what does that
mean to me?  Stranded?  

Okay if I have to spend the
night here in the terminal I
will. Tomorrow though you
are sure there will be a
plane to take me to
Europe? I have some
important people to meet.

Well I suppose this was
bound to happen to a jet
setter like me. haha Talk to
you all soon - over and out!

Love, Crissy
Some of the Crissy on Tour photos are from: www.bigfoto.com
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