Hi, I did get separated from my luggage and yes I know I look a
little disheveled.  I spent the night sitting up on a bench - it wasn't
too bad really though so I won't complain. We are traveling to
Budapest today - well I hope we are. Does anyone have a travel
iron I could borrow?  I wish I had my beauty parlor right now! haha
Oh they are calling my flight. Bye bye
Hi again!
After we landed I purchased
some hairclips and
freshened up a bit.  I am
gonna be here a few days
so hopefully the airlines will
find my luggage soon.  

See a few pictures of the
hot tour spots here. On
the upper left is the
famous Ludwig Art
Museum - they have
contemporay art
displayed from the 1950s to
present day. It was a very
interesting tour.  

See this view of the city
through the archway?  
Breathtaking huh?

Next I am going to visit The
Museum of Music History!
I'm here - what an Ultra cool
place! The Museum of Music
History was established in 1969 -
the same year I was born!!!!
They display musical relics and
vintage instruments too.  After our
small tour group registered we
started touring - I kinda felt
someone's eyes on me though.  
Ya know a little creepy?  Maybe
someone is following me.  Naw
that's dumb.  See the violin room
Ya know there is
someone following me.  I
stepped out to get some
fresh air and saw
someone small - like
Cinnamon's size
out of the corner of my
eye behind me. I am
gonna sneak up on
them and surprise

BOO!  I'm
Crissy doll -
what's your name?
Ginny? Nice to meet you
Ginny, um why are you
following me?  You want
to twalk with me?  Aren't
you too little to be here
alone?  OH there's your
mom - HI mom! Yes
Ginny's touring with me
if that's okay. I made a
new friend here in
Budapest too!

Ginny and I toured the
rest of the displays
together including the
one below.
Hi! I'm here in Athens, Greece today.  Behind me is the Parthenon
temple on Acropolis hill. The white pentelic marble of the Parthenon
Temple can be seen from almost every part of Athens as shown in
the larger picture below. The temple is over 2500 years old.  See
the other scenic pictures of my trip. Ahhh no the airlines hasn't
found my luggage yet!
I love everything about Athens -
the weather here is groovy!  

My stay here is short as you all
know that I am headed to a
reunion with Velvet and
Cinnamon this week. I am really
looking forward to seeing
them. I love all my friends -
but Velvet and Cinnamon
are like my sisters - after
all we do room together.
That Lil Cinnamon can sure
get into trouble fast! I know
Velvet has had
her hands full.

Here I am at Syntagma
Square getting ready to get a
bite to eat.

Well off I go to see a few
more sites before this leg of
my journey ends.  
Chat with ya soon!
Velvet: Cinnamon please keep ahold of my hand
so you don't get lost, help me look for Crissy -
she's suppose to be meeting us here at the
airport terminal.  

Cinnamon: Okay Velvet I will help look for Crissy.
Crissy: Wow what a trip! My flight was
delayed and I almost missed my connecting
flight. I made it though and I only hope I didn't
miss Velvet and Cinnamon. Maybe they went
to the hotel already. My luggage hasn't
shown up yet either so I bought this outfit.
Crissy: I guess I better start walking
around - do you see Velvet and
Cinnamon: Is that her over there?  
Velvet: No Cinnamon that's not her!
Cinnamon: Do you see Crissy yet Velvet?
Velvet: No not yet.
Crissy: Okay everyone group hug!
Cinnamon: Wow Crissy - where did you get all that money?  Are you
rich now?
Crissy: Oops! Hey you two please help me pick up the money as that is
what I am using to pay for our hotel room and dinner tonight.
Velvet: Sure Crissy. I sure have missed you!
Crissy: I sure have missed you two also!
Cinnamon: Crissy!Crissy!Crissy!!! Yipppeeeeee!
Crissy: Hi Cinnamon & Velvet!!!
Velvet: Hi Crissy!
Crissy: Velvet what has our little squirt been eating?  She's gained
weight! haha

Velvet: Well Crissy every time she started to whine that she missed
you I gave her something to eat! haha
Cinnamon: Booboo Bear wants a kiss Crissy!
Crissy: hahaha okay okay! Somethings will never change huh Velvet?
Velvet: Nope Crissy! haha
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