Hi!  Here the three of usin the Crissy Family Dolls
are in Paris, France.  

Its a gorgeous day here to tour!

By the way the airlines found my luggage at last! I
was so relieved.

Its so great to be back together again with Velvet
and Cinnamon. And what a special treat to have
them tour with me. Today we hope to try some
French food and also get acquainted with the area
- as we are staying here for awhile.  We want to
get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower too.

Take a peek at the cool fountain below.  
Its farout! haha
Its Day 2 in Paris France for us girls.  Boy are we having
fun.  Guess what happened last night?  We had a big
pillow fit at the hotel room! haha We sent Cinnamon to
bed early and Velvet and I caught up on all the local
happenings.The latest news is Tressy has a boyfriend!

Well today we wanted to see some of the famous sites of
Paris so we toured the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral.
Construction of the Cathedral started in 1183 and ended
in 1345. What a site to see!  Its on the River Seine.
Check out the cool bridge below. We ended up
downtown to window shop and have dinner.  We had a
great time.  

See ya real soon! Luv, Crissy, Velvet and Cinnamon
Hi there!  
Yes we are here in Paris in the Spring.

Today we are doing a little shopping.  

We heard about this elite boutique and had to
stop in to see if we needed anything. We saw
lots of fun accessories, hats and purses. The
sales lady Ginnette suggested that we try a few
hats on for fun. Check out those pictures below
- Velvet didn't want to try any on so we teased
her that she was a spoiled sport.  haha
The three of us with Ginnette.
Me in a funny hat! Oui Oui!
Cinnamon looks cute in this one!
Velvet picked out this cute purse for me, its a little large - but I fell in love with it.
Oh we
wanted to
a very

Velvet &
We shopped til we dropped! Now for a quiet French dinner.
Stay tuned in to see more of our Paris adventures. Tonight I
think we are going to see a play.  

Luv, Crissy, Velvet & Cinnamon
Hi there!  Today we visited a spa.  Boy what fun we had
exercising and getting into shape.  We found out that
none of us can touch our toes. haha

We all then went to the steam bath after our exercise
class. We didn't stay in there very long though as we
didn't want our eyes to rust.

We are leaving here soon and yes the girls are going to
tour with me for awhile.  Ah yes Cinnamon Boo Boo Bear
can come too.

Luv, Crissy, Velvet & Cinnamon
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