Hi!  We arrived in Rome in the late afternoon. Once we found our hotel
room we decided to tour the city at nighttime. Cinnamon heard about the
hotel's playroom, so we arranged to let her stay there with the play room
monitor. Velvet and I toured without her. She was having so much fun
riding the rocking horse! haha  Off we go to tour Rome, Italy.
Okay Velvet you get to narrate this one!
Yes we said goodbye again!  
Cinnamon wasn't too upset though as
Velvet promised to buy her a dog if
she didn't cry. haha

Well I am all packed and ready to go
on my next adventure - only I don't
know where CrissyTown Staff is
sending me only that I am gonna
meet some "new friends" very soon.  
Back to the hotel I go to wait for
further information.

See ya real soon!

Luv, Crissy
The three of us (me,
Crissy doll, Velvet doll and Cinnamon
doll ) arrived in London late last night. We got up extra
early to tour the city. Our plans were to try to hit as many
famous sites as we could in a day. Our first stop was to the
Buckingham Palace.  What a fabulous place!  The lines to
get in were very long so we decided to watch the marching
parade instead. It was so farout - check out the men in the
red uniforms below.

We kept looking for famous people but haven't
spotted anyone yet.
Here are a few pics of Buckingham Palace and the area
surrounding the palace.
Cinnamon wanted
to ride in the
bus - so we rode
in it to our next
destination. She
left Boo Boo Bear
on the bus and
the driver noticed
and called us
back to go get
him. haha

Below is the
House of
Parliament and
Big Ben.
We ended up at the London Bridge. Velvet and I had to explain to Cinnamon
that it wasn't falling down!
Were will we end up next?  
Stay tuned and keep checking for more Tour updates. <wink>
Luv, Crissy, Velvet and Cinnamon
Hi! Today we are in Madrid. We toured the city first by car to
kinda see everything and get our bearings, then we toured a few
of the world famous buildings and cathedrals - they are so
gorgeous! We love the stained glass in the cathedrals. Check
out the architecture of the building below. Then the hotel gave us
free tickets to go to the plaza and attend a show and a real
bullfight.  It was so exciting!  
We really had a grand time at
the show and the bullfight!
Between the three of us I
think we sampled everything
on the menu from the
concession stand.
Here we are on the right
trying to find our seats
The girls get to tour with me for a bit longer then I am
scheduled to meet up with a few international travelers.

Luv, Crissy, Velvet & Cinnamon
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