Crissy's New Friend - Em
CrissyTown staff had an airplane ticket delivered to me in my hotel room in Italy to travel to
Switzerland.  I was told that I am to meet a new friend here in the hotel lobby at 11 a.m.  
Hmmm....I wonder where they are?  Oh who's that?  Hi there! Your name is Em? Nice to meet
you - I'm Crissy! Why you are a
grow hair doll too?  Cool! You are from Japan?  Wow, I love
the color of your hair!  

Well its great to meet you and have a travel companion here in beautiful Switzerland as I
miss my cousin
Velvet doll and her little sis Cinnamon doll (who is like my shadow) - they just
returned to the states. Cinnamon kinda well she hero worships me ya know? haha Where
are we going first?  Downtown? Sounds great - lets go!
Em gets my attention!
Isn't this flower shoppe beautiful?
Me and Japan's Grow Hair Doll Miss Emily Meet
Here's a few pictures of some of the buildings and shops around town!
We sure had fun here - check out the pretty scenery
behind us.
Hi, Today Em and I are going on a mountain
climb - yes really! I am kinda nervous that I won't
be able to finish the climb - but want to try
anyway.  Do you like my Swiss outfit? Wait until
you see the new dress I bought.

First we rode a train up as far as we could and
then took a lift on the ski taxi. We stopped to eat
lunch at a picnic area before the climb.
See the train - we are on our way up the mountain.  The ski taxi was a blast to ride in!
Em said she's gonna teach me to yodel! haha wouldn't that be a hoot!?
Lunch time! Yummy!
We made it!  Wowee was the view breathtaking!  There's such a peace up
at the top. I kinda feel like Heidi in that old Shirley Temple movie. haha
What an awesome ultra day in my dolly life.  Em said she seconds that and
that's cool cuz she's been all over the world!

I am staying here another day so check back to see more of my
Switzerland adventures.  
Hi! After the big mountain climb Em and I went out to eat.  
Em had a Swyzz Myz International bowling tournament to
participate in and invited me to attend too.  Right before the
game her teammate notified her that she couldn't make it so
Em asked me to fill in.  Of course I said yes. My bowling
abilities were pretty rusty but I was determined to not let Em
down. Right off I bowled a strike!  Em was so excited that she
hugged me and yes we won the tournament!  See us with
our trophy below.  Em told me I could have it.  
She is so sweet!
Here I am modeling this lovely Swiss dress that I bought at a
local dress shop called Amanda's.  Isn't it beautiful?  I just love
it. She's a fabulous seamstress. Miss Switzerland popped in
the shop to say hello to me too - see her pic on the left.  I love
her blonde hair.

Guess what?  I am staying here a little while longer.  Em said
that I just had too as she needs me in another sports event.
haha See ya real soon!
Luv, Crissy
Hi! Today we played a few practice games of soccer with Em's
soccer team.  Boy is she athletic! I guess that's how she stays
so thin. Then after that we laid out in the sun for awhile.  
Tomorrow we are gonna relax and I have to pack to get ready
for my next destination. See ya real soon! Luv, Crissy
Switzerland photos courtesy of Amanda &
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