Hi there! Well me, Crissy doll hopped a plane after telling Em goodbye and here I am in
Munich Germany! Munich is the third largest city in Bavaria Germany - so there's lots of
tourist spots to visit. First thing I did after checking into my hotel room was tour the
downtown area.  Check out the beautiful flowers below.  I was kinda getting hungry so I
was also looking for a place to have lunch.
The hotel receptionist told me to ride the subway back
to the hotel - hope I can find the terminal.

Here I am at a local garden spot below - isn't it lovely?
I could stay here for hours - except my tummy
is growling!

I finally found a
restaurant - and it
was a revolving one.
The food was
delicious and the
view was so pretty.

Can you see me
poising on the
edge? I feel like King
Kong up here - tee

I'm off to find the
subway terminal so I
can head back to my
hotel room to take a
cat nap.
Here's a photo of me right outside the Beethoven museum.  See the beautiful
statue and park area below?  The setting is so serene.  I really like this place!
Hi! I am touring Beethoven's birthplace & museum today in Bonn
Germany. He was born in the late 1700s - that's a really long
time ago in doll years.  haha! Look who I bumped into -
Miss Bavaria! Isn't she lovely?
Doesn't this old building below look kinda like a
castle?  I thought so. The fountain is cool too!
Wonder where I go next?  CrissyTown staff told
me I will be getting my arrangements and ticket in
the morning.  I will be meeting someone else soon
too they said.
hmmm...well bye for now! Luv, Crissy
Goede Ochtend or Good Morning in Dutch!  Kerry & I are
here amidst the beautiful array of colorful flowers in Holland.
We took a garden tour today. Boy was it fun! The Dutch word
for flower is bloem - maybe that's where we get the word
bloom?  There is so many variations of flowers and they all
smell heavenly. We had a grand time.  
Beethoven was born in
this house!
Here I am hehe
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