Greetings from Scotland!
Hi its me Ideal Crissy doll! Kerry doll bought us a book on how to tour Scotland
in one day - we found out thats impossible to do - so we are gonna stay here a
few days and enjoy all the scenery.  We are on the look out for Les of the Bay
City Rollers but haven't seen him yet. haha  

Check out the beautiful Highlands and the cool castles we saw.  We even saw
hills and hills full of sheep. It was so peaceful. This is a very
exciting leg of the trip!
Kerry &
Crissy on
Tour in
Its been so great to have Kerry
with me as she is a super
navigator - as you all know that I
tend to get lost easy.  tee hee
The pics are
tremendous and
oh so fun to
watch Crissy
travel. Can't
wait to see
where she goes
"Thank you for providing such
fun to my life.  Never in my
lifetime would I be able to
visit so many beautiful places.
 Keep the views and FUN
I AM IN AWE!!!!!!! HOW COOL !!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! SO REAL!!!!
This has been so much fun
"traveling" with Crissy and friends.
I love seeing the super fashions
they are wearing.Crissy must
have brought a huge suitcase with
her!! And it has been very
educational! Cant wait to see
where they go next!!
Hey Kerry did you read all the nice comments that
CrissyTown has been receiving about the international
tour?  People really are enjoying our adventures.  Isn't that
farout?  We have lots of places to go yet - well I hope you
can travel with me for awhile.  We are best friends forever
- after all you are my first Ideal friend! hehe

Ya know what Kerry I have been thinking - love makes the
world go around.  I'm for love.  :)

Yes Crissy you are right on! I'm for love too!

Do you need any help with those curlers?

No - but thanks anyway.  Do you brush your hair 100
strokes every night?

If I have the time I do.  Do you like this hotel room?  I do.

Yes its nice and quiet.

Well where are we gonna go tomorrow?  How about we get
the Scotland map out and decide.

Okay sounds great Crissy.

Goodnight everyone!
Crissy you can't be serious - can you? You have to
have powerful lungs to play those things.

Oh uh - Hi everyone!  

Crissy is well she's gonna let me narrate for awhile
today as she is gonna be a little busy.  Crissy is gonna
play the bagpipes! Gulp! Believe it or not! teehee I did
try my best to talk her out of it.

Well Crissy played the pipes and even managed to
march in a parade - um she didn't sound too great
though! haha

See me dance the Highland Fling Below.  I had a blast!

Check out the Scottish hills covered with gorgeous
heather below.
We are packing our bags tonight to head out in the
morning to our next destination - bet ya can't guess where
we are going next?  Well lets just say its my home away
from home.  <wink> No Crissy you can't take your bagpipes
with us!  haha  Goodbye Scotland!

Luv, Kerry & Crissy
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