Hi! We made it to Ireland late last night and got up all
bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning! haha We
are ready to tour the countryside and even have a
picnic lunch all packed to take with us. I am waiting
on Kerry to get here and here she is.

Kerry what is it? You received a letter? Here at the
hotel? Well hardly anyone knows that we are here.
The letter said WHAT? WOW!
Do you have any family still living
here Kerry that you know about?
You don't? Well lets just meet
them and tell them that you don't
know why they wrote to you and let
it go at that. Don't be scared Kerry
- c'mon lets go meet them. Don't
be freaked out - I am with you and
I know karate.
What beautiful
Ireland has - huh

Yes Kerry its
gorgeous here!
Okay - wow Crissy doll you sure brought a lot of junk food on this picnic!  A cake, doughnuts
and pop! How do you stay so thin?

I drink diet pop of course! haha
Are you still scared?
 Well don't worry - I
see the Bantry
fountain over there.  
I will introduce you
to them okay and
then you take it
from there.

Okay Crissy -
thanks! You sure
are brave - I am
Here we are at the Bantry fountain and its almost 3pm.  Kerry
I hear something or someone coming - get in front of me as I
am scared now! eek!!! It sounds like a wild animal.

Boy Crissy you sure had me fooled about your bravery - my
hero - not! haha  It's a young girl and her dog. He's adorable
and she looks sweet.
Hi Kerry Martin! I'm Katie McRoberts and this is my dog Clover.
Nice to meet you!

Hi my name is Kerry - did you write me that letter?  

I sure did - we are cousins - we have the same great
grandfather, Michael O'Roake. See my green eyes?

I sure do - nice to meet you cousin Katie - this is my best friend
in the whole world Crissy Dahl.
Hi Crissy - are you afraid of dogs? Clover seems to really like

Hi Katie - no I am not afraid of dogs. Nice to meet you both.
Clover's a real sweetheart!

Crissy's really brave Katie - she's not afraid of anything! haha
We sure had a nice day today in Ireland
-- didn't we Crissy?  

Yes we sure did! I can't wait until
tomorrow! haha
Wow what an Irish adventure
Kerry doll and I are on!  
There are so many fabulous sites in Dublin that we
will never be able to see everything so Kerry & I
decided to attempt to see as many landmarks as we
could.  We started off at the Custom House and then
the Four Courts building - it has a dome on top and
then went over a bridge on the Liffey River - it was
cool! The Spire pole is a local favorite - its very very

We took in a little time for shopping too. One of things
that is so farout about Dublin is that there are lots of
statues downtown.  See the picture of us with the
Molly Malone statue below.

Then we went on to the main tour event of the day -
the Dublin Castle! The Dublin Castle was built in 1204
by King John. The original building was built between
1204-68 on high ground in the city between the rivers
Liffey and Poddle and the castle was surrounded by
high walls and a moat. We really enjoyed touring the
castle and the grounds.
Hi there!
We decided to go on a bus tour
around The Ring of Kerry.
See some of the beautiful sites we saw below.


The Ring of Kerry is one of the
most popular tour routes in
Ireland. The roads are pretty
narrow, but wide enough that
our tour bus could travel on
them just fine.
The sites were so green and
gorgeous that Kerry & I were
in awe! I wonder where are we
headed next?
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