Hi!  Yes we - Crissy
doll & Kerry doll -
took off from Ireland
yesterday and
landed here in
beautiful Finland for
a short stay.  Kerry
wanted to go fishing
- so off we went.  
See the catch of the
day?  Guess what
we ate for dinner?
Yep! haha

We stayed up to see
the gorgeous
Aurora Borelais or
Northern Lights -
what a simply breath
taking view.

What's new on our
tour agenda?  Stay
tuned on
Hi! We are at the airport waiting for two things - first our new tour
agenda and two we are suppose to be meeting a travel companion
here. Do you see anyone we know Kerry? No, me neither.
Well lets keep looking!
Hey you two its me Tressy doll ! Hi Tressy! Hi Tressy!
Wowee Tressy - Crissy & I
had no idea you would be
joining us. Now all we need is

Yes Kerry that's right!
Do you know where we are
going? Well Kerry and I don't
either - lets go into the cafe'
and wait for our new flight
Hi! Wow who would have ever thought that we would travel to
Norway? Not me! What a fabulous place. May through July is
the perfect time to visit too. We are staying in Oslo - the
capital of Norway. The weather is very pleasant - around the
mid 60's so we shed our fur coats. The money exchange is a
lot different here - our American dollar bill is worth 7 kroner.

We wanted to visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park and the
Kristiansand Zoo. What a busy day for us girls. We had a blast!
Don't miss our next
international adventure.
Hi! We hopped a red-eye flight to Portugal late
last night! Portugal is such an exotic and
exciting country with some amazing sites. Did
you know that it is one of the oldest nations in
Europe? We visited Lisbon - the capital. Check
out the neat sites we saw below.

Somehow I am starting to feel like we are
Charlie's Angels or the 3 Musketeers since we
are a traveling trio now! haha Tressy has more
luggage than me and Kerry put together!
ssshhhh - don't tell our little secret!
See us in front of the
embassy building on the
top left.

Isn't the stone fort above

We took some time to tour
the beach and dock area
Well tonight we received a telegram from CrissyTown informing us that Tressy and Kerry are needed at home as
Cricket and Mia are sick so I will travel alone for the next trip.  Where am I going? Brazil!!!!  I am so excited!!! The
girls were really good sports about returning home - I will miss them.
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