Hi!  Crissy doll I am here with my tour guide - Kressy in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. This
Brazilian city is nearly five hundred years old! Rio
de Janeiro is home to two of the
world's most famous beaches - Ipanema and Copacabana. There's lots of coffee
farms here and even a rain forest too!

Rio de Janeiro is also home to the "Christ the Redeemer" statue, a 30-meter replica of
Jesus that overlooks the city from Corcovado Mountain - see the picture at the right.  

Kressy asked me where I would like to tour on my extended stay here I told her I would
like to visit a few of Old World countries. She said she would take me wherever I would
like to go - so keep checking back to see what else I am up too! Take a peek at a few
of the sites we saw today - this is truly an awesome place!  
Hi! Kressy and I spent today in Belo Horizonte - which is one of the
3 main cities in Brazil. The other main two cities are Rio de Janeiro
and Sao Paulo.  By the way Brazil is the largest country in the
continent of South America and is the 5th largest in the world!  
Brazil's population is around 170,000,000 people. Belo Horizonte is
about the size of Dallas-Fort Worth, Tx.  

Today we toured a little of the city and then we went to a dancing
lesson. I have to admit I am not very coordinated. haha  More soon
of my Brazilian adventures.
Hi! This is a very exciting and
educational trip - after all it isn't
everyday that a doll gets to tour
the Amazon! haha We traveled
via boat down the mysterious
Amazon river. It was kinda
spooky as its so big and we didn't
even see it all!   The Amazon
covers almost 3 million miles and
has the largest and densest rain
forest on earth.

The amount of vegetation in the
Amazon is about a third of the
remaining forest on earth. Wow!

Scientists have catalogued:
2500 species of fish
1500 species of birds
1800 species of butterflies
4 types of big cats
200 species of mosquito's
50,000 species of higher plants

Here's some of the animals we
saw along the way. We had a
great time!

I wonder where we'll go next?
Hi! Without a doubt this has to be my greatest international adventure! The
Nazca Lines are located in Peru. They are in a part of the Peruvian Desert - a
region called the Pampa Colorada - which means red plain. The Nazca Indians
created these lines thousands of years ago. The Nazca area is 15 miles wide
and runs some 37 miles parallel to the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
Studies have reveled that the Nazca Lines were created by clearing away the
darker upper layer to reveal the lighter subsoil. Its all a very big mystery as to
their purpose really. Scientists have many theories - did you ever see the movie
Chariots of the Gods in 1968? Well that's why I had to see this place - as I was
birthed in 1969 and heard about this movie. I was still in my mold when the
movie was released. There are lots of straight lines that look like landing strips
too and all these animal figures you see in the photos and the ultra cool friendly
astronaut figure too. I like him the best! See me on a Line at the right. We also
toured a ancient Inca village in the Andes Mountains. This leg of the trip has
shown me how much I like to explore.
See ya soon!
Luv, Crissy & Kressy
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