Ssshhh its me beautiful Crissy
doll - I left the hotel room real
early to go see the condors.
Kressy is still sleeping. The bus
tour takes about 3 hours so you
have to get up super early so
you arrive at Colca Canyon
Peru around 10am to see the
condors in flight. Aren't they
awesome? Some of them have
a wing span of 11 feet! They
are the largest birds of prey in
existence. They have very good
eye site so they can find food
easily. Hope they don't think I
am for lunch! haha  They are so
awesome to watch! The canyon
is pretty cool too - its the
second largest canyon in the
world - the largest is the Grand
Canyon of course.
Hi! We decided to go back to
Machu Picchu - the lost city of the
Incas and spend a day touring the

There are various walking tours you
can choose to take or you can ride
on a helicopter for an aerial tour.

Did you know that this city was
undiscovered until 1911?

The city was built in the 15th
century and was abandoned all
within a 100 year time period. No
one really knows why either. One
theory is that the city was built and
used by a Royal family. Cool huh?

We had a great time visiting this
number One Peruvian tour site!

I wonder how many dolls have been
on this tour?
Here I am Crissy doll in Chile and boy is it a colorful place! The number one resort in Chile is the Vina
Del Mar Resort and its right on the coastline of Chile. What a view - see the photo above at the left.  
We took a bus tour and saw the Torres del Paine - it was so scenic. I also got to visit a weaving
session - they tried to teach me to weave but my hands are not very coordinated. It was a blast to
watch though. Tomorrow I leave South America, I can't wait to see where I am headed next!
Here I am in Guatemala! CrissyTown
staff told me that I am suppose to meet
someone to take me to my hotel and
show me around. Hmmmm her name is
Tressa.  Oh someone is coming my
way. Hi my name is
Crissy doll - are
you Tressa? Great nice to meet you.  
See ya soon! Love, Crissy
Hello there!  Well here
we are in our "Apricot
Twist" poncho sets a gift
from Tressa ready to
enjoy the day.  Tressa
asked me where I like to
go and I said that I
really really want to see
some of the Mayan
ruins from the Old
World. So keep
checking back to see
our tour updates. Oh
check out this adorable
Fourth of July postcard
that Cinnamon and
Velvet sent me.
Can you
see us?
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