needs your ideas and projects now!

Please participate in helping us get this
section of CrissyTown up and running. We
need pics and captions for Crissy's 80 Day
World Tour that will start on Jan 2, 2006.

Other than that the fate of this section is up to
YOU! It will be what you want it to be and that is
the whole idea of an interactive site - YOU are
part of it!

The Staff at CrissyTown
2006 Kick-Off Project at Crissy's Potpourri
Crissy's World Tour!

See how Beautiful Crissy traveled around the globe - she met
other members of the Crissy family in the most exotic places,
seeing all the exciting sights, sharing all the fun times!
miss any of her adventures as she
visited over 60 places
and doing everything from skiing to skating to deep sea diving!
New! CrissyTown has
added a new webpage for
Crissy Art - click here to
visit the new page
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Write a Short Story about Crissy Family
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Twin Conflicts!
Crissy's Potpourri is a little of this
and a little of that. Like rest of the
iCrissy pages you can contribute
your ideas and projects and share
in the development of these pages
and of course, the fun!

The only real guideline for
submitting  Crissy Potpourri
projects is be sure they wouldn't be
better suited on one of the other
iCrissy pages, like Stories &
Fanfics, etc... and that your
projects have something to do with
Crissy family dolls - even if you just
make it up! So don't be shy, send
in that great idea of yours now!
Velvet on Vacation- Click here to
follow her adventures!
Click here to see
what  she's up too!