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It's My Turn Now!
Velvet on
on CrissyTown
Hello! Do you know who I am?
I am Beautiful
Crissy doll's cousin Velvet doll - I am a
grow hair doll too. I am taking a vacation and hope you
will come here to CrissyTown, the Ultra
Crissy doll
website often to read about my adventures!

Here's us at New Year's when I told Crissy & Cinnamon
that CrissyTown is sending me on a vacation, which
begins January 3, 2007.
Crissy is at home now, so she
can babysit Cinnamon.
Cinnamon offered to send her
Paddington Bear with me. Since I am not going to
Darkest Peru, only the USA and Canada - it was
decided that Paddington should stay with Cinnamon to
keep her company while I am away.
Yes Cinnamon - its very comfortable in here!
Velvet - are you okay in there?
Sure she's fine Cinnamon - say goodbye now!
Goodbye Velvet - sniff sniff!
Bye Crissy & Cinnamon. Cinnamon be a good girl for Crissy!
I will - I promise.
Much Later
Cinnamon &
Velvet's box
(knock knock)

Hey Velvet - can you
hear me in there?

Yes Cinnamon, I can
hear you. What's up?

Where are you going?

I am not sure, read the
mailing label on the box.

I can't read very well,
Paddington you do it.

gave the
mailing label
a hard stare
and spelled
out the letters

You are going to
Robin's house Velvet -
oh you will have a blast!
She is so fun!
I wish I was going too.

Okay bye bye
Cinnamon, its almost
time for Gomez to drive
me to the post office. I
love you Cinnamon!

I love you too Velvet!
Don't forget to write me
and Paddington.
Have fun!
We are
gonna kiss the
box goodbye.
Tee hee
Cinnamon & Paddington tell Velvet goodbye
Watch for my
upcoming vacation
pictures - Woohoo
I am off to Robin's
House in Florida!

Love, Velvet
I am ready to go!
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Here's a picture of me above showing what I am taking
with me on vacation, the clothes I am wearing and
these pink sunglasses that my good friend Tulaterry
sent me. All of my hosts will receive a special
Velvet-size gift - it will be given from the host that mails
me to my next vacation spot, hence you can see the
gift for the first vacation hostess in the picture with me
below. Its a cute Radio Flyer and mini porcelain doll in
it. I wonder where I am going first? Oh well, I will find out
soon enough, as its time for me to get in my mailing box
and start my vacation!
I am on my way to
Robin's house
in Florida!

More soon, Velvet
We'll miss you Velvet!