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Oxidation: What is it & what can
it and what can't it do?

Oxidation is term that basically means some
substance has chemically interacted with
(atmospheric) oxygen resulting in a molecular
change in the original substance.  The subject
of oxidation is usually brought up in Crissy
circles concerning the glassine eyes of the
dolls which can sometimes undergo a color
shift. Kerrys are found with olive or gray eyes
and Velvets with pinkish or grayish ones. Crissy
with her dark black eyes doesn't seem to be
affected though. Some of the grayish eyed
Velvets are given the moniker "green-eyed"

Actually, it would be impossible for Velvet's
original violet/lavender eyes to oxidize to a true
green. Violet is a combination of cyan and
magenta but no yellow. Since green is
comprised of cyan and yellow if either the cyan
element or the magenta pigment deminished
netiher would result in true green, only pinkish
or blueish gray hues.

Rust is also another form of oxidation when
water enters the picture. Metal parts of the eye
assembly have been known to rust and cause
one or both eyes to turn "brown". This seems to
occurs frequently with Velvet and is not to be
considered a "factory fault" or oddity.

Some Velvet's with green eyes have been
discovered and they are quite scarce. One of
our Crissytown members has one of these dolls
and even had the Velvet doll's eyes removed
and checked for authenticity and YES they
have green decals inside NOT rust!  
CrissyTown will publish your cleaning, grooming & maintainence suggestions here.
However, CrissyTown does not endorse nor guarantee any such suggestions & you apply any
instructions found here at your OWN risk. CrissyTown can not and will not assure the success
or failure of any publicly submitted suggestions you apply to your personal property. We can not
say what will work, or will not work - therefore we are compelled to publish whatever suggestions
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Now with that out of the way...Start letting all of Crissy family fandom and collectors share in all your
wonderful secrets.
From Christina - a CrissyTown Friend:
Edited by Gomez

I wanted to give a tip on washing Crissy & friends doll's hair.
When you wash their hair, always use cold water. I made
the terrible mistake of washing my doll's hair with hot water,
What I found out is that the hot water "melts" or softens the hair fibers.

Another trick I have learned instead of using conditioner on their hair to
detangle and soften it is use fabric softener. But be sure to dilute it with
some water. I hope my tips will help someone out there.

Ed. note - So true Christina, the synthetic fibers of Crissy's hair are not suited to
human hair conditioners which will only coat the doll's hair and make it limp and
lifeless, probably for life. Any good brand of fabric softener is proper for getting the
tangles out of Crissy's hair. And never get the hair fibre too warm / hot, yes it will
deform and or even melt. Time for a reroot then!
From a CrissyTown Friend:

Take care when posing Talky Crissy & Velvet as their limbs tend to
stick and you can very easily crack their torsos.
From a CrissyTown Friend:

My way of taming the foundation hairdos-for what it's worth-is to
wash the hair really well rubbing out that old hairdo, etc. Style
the hair while it's damp, locating the original part (which, as we
know, takes TIME). When I get the hairdo where I like it, I smooth
it all down (and ok, I've been known to use the tiniest bit of human
hair gel-:0) I let it air dry a bit, and finally, while the hair is
still slightly damp, I wrap the whole head/face and foundation
hairdo in a long piece of Tulle. The piece of Tulle I use was
actually a ribbon off a big package. It's 4.5 FEET long and about 5-
6 INCHES wide.

The cool thing about the Tulle is that it let's the hairdo breathe
and dry (I tried plastic wrap and the hairdo just stayed damp and
gross, duh). I style and smooth the damp hair, lay the middle of
the Tulle ribbon across the smoothed forehead or bangs, keep
smoothing the hair and ribbon as I wrap one side, then the other,
round and round, and across the face. Then I tie the Tulle ribbon
ends in a bow under her chin, give her a little head pat, put her in
her nightgown and let her "dry" for a few days.

When I unwrap her head, the foundation hair is pretty flat, but it
usually just takes a bit of fluffing and it looks great. No more
wacky pieces.

Good Luck!
From a CrissyTown Friend:

I clean my dolls with a soft cloth with little Ivory dish soap in warm water.  
It is such a mild soap and it cleans so well -- even the face area.
From a CrissyTown Friend:

Ever have trouble cleaning those dirty Crissy shoes? Soak them in
warm water with mild detergent for a few hours and lightly scrub them
with a soft toothbrush. The dirt comes right off.  
From a CrissyTown Friend:

Ever wonder how to press those Crissy orange dress flocked ribbons?  I
have a velvet board that I purchased at the local fabric store and it
works great to iron anything flocked or any fabric like corduroy or velvet.
A CrissyTown Tip: by Gomez


Have you noticed that some Crissy's sport a funny orange tint or some other color
quite similar to the garments they are wearing when you see them up for auction, or
at a doll show? This is because Crissy's vinyl "skin" can be much like a chemically
unstable "sponge" all too ready to absorb other chemical compounds in her near
vicinity. Dolls shut up in their boxes or otherwise encased for years on end will often
display this not-rare and not-desirable malady.

If this ungainly osmosis is occurring with the factory-made garments and Industrial
Dyes, then I must wonder what are Crissy's chances of getting a "color-change" if
she is donned in home-dyed clothing or shoes and left that way for a length of time.

Perhaps collectors should be cautious of dressing your Crissy Family dolls in
garments that have been dyed using consumer dyes. Could the dye be absorbed
into your Crissy's skin after being on the doll for a only short period of time?

Regardless of whether the dye is colorfast or not, Crissy's vinyl skin will absorb it,
and consumer-grade dyes have particularly poor binding qualities as opposed to
industrial dyes.

I would particularly hate to remove some
Royal Blue home-dyed shoes
only to find Crissy's little tootsies were just as blue as the shoes.  
Just a word to the wise, change your Crissy doll's garments and shoes from time to
time to be on the safe side - and besides, Crissy doesn't like wearing the same old
thing anyway, give her a new look regularly and she'll love you for it!     
                                                                            - Gomez