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Brandi - in a cute but
unknown outfit.
Photo courtesy of Margaret
Darling Key Chain Shoes that fit Crissy perfectly! Photos courtesy of Petula
This is a 1982 re-issue of black Crissy. She's really a Velvet . Her
head, body, face, and foundation hair are EXACTLY identical to the
1970 issue girl, right down to the dates on her head and back. The
ONLY difference is her eye color and hair growing mechanism. You
dress this girl in a 1970 outfit like I did, and you have a very
inexpensive factory wrapped mint black velvet for display. Even though
her eye color is different, I think it's very complimentary. And dressed,
there's no way to tell her hair lengthening
mechanism is different.
Photo & Information courtesy of Snowy Woodz
Photo courtesy of Catherine
If you have ever given in to that desire to dress up, (or dress down) your Crissy doll in
some, shall we say, non-conventional threads and accesories...
Then my friend, you have joined the ranks of The Crissy Closet Raiders!

We figgered It's kind of a hybrid catagory between Potporrui and Threads so you can
reach The Crissy Closet Raiders from both sections!
Send us your pics & let the closet raiding begin!