CrissyTown: About Us
Crissytown - a site about Crissy dolls, a site for people to share.

We are just "plain folks". We aren't techno geeks with the latest
super-computer. We don't even own one of those fancy cell phones that can
take pictures! In fact this entire site is uploaded and maintained not by T-1,
broadband or DSL -- but a humble dial-up connection
(and a slow one at that!)

Despite these handicaps of not being exactly on the cutting edge of
technology, we can claim kinship with lots of folks who like us have
re-discovered Beautiful Crissy from childhood or have adopted her as an adult
for her timeless charm and classic elegance. We played with these dolls when
we were young - and like a lot of you, discovered Crissy as adults, learning to
enjoy her in new ways.

It is very important for anyone reading this to know that CrissyTown is not
and never will be the showcase of any one person's private collection or ideas.
Nor do we claim to be infallible, and of course if you are an independent
thinker you know better than that - ; )

Conversely, the goal of this site is to bring willing collectors together to pool
their resources and share "everything Crissy". What you see on these pages
are from the collections of many such individuals!

It is all too common in the doll world that self-appointed "experts" arise when
there is a void...but one thing we won't do on this site is fabricate answers
when we don't have them. We publish information that is given to us, we also
may pose hypothetical ideas -- the purpose thereof to get YOU to think, &
spur your own intellect... Rather than have someone else do the thinking for

The power of interactivity and potential of information sharing via the Internet
is making obsolete the old guard of oligarchic thought. In multimedia and
many other venues, the power to create and distribute to the masses -- is at
your fingertips, no further than your keyboard!  CrissyTown will continue to
grow and develop with your help and no one individual can take credit for it.
This is your site as well as ours.

We collect Crissy for the sheer enjoyment of having her around. Being made
of plastic and vinyl even though such products are known to break down with
time - she will still outlast everyone of us who is old enough to read these
lines. And whether she is an investment and will grow in monetary worth or
no we could really care less as Crissy's worth to us is beyond dollars and cents.

This site, CrissyTown is an natural extension of the enjoyment of this
treasured hobby to share with you, our friends.  
In Crissy's Potpourri!
Enjoy the Site!

The Staff at CrissyTown
CrissyTown will be growing to meet your needs so please give us your feedback!
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You have arrived in Crissytown!
What we mean by the UltraCrissy website
is no less than what the name says.

CrissyTown always welcomes your
suggestions to make this site more

We certainly do not claim to know
everything there is to know about the
Crissy Family of dolls, but the goals
of the site are to help increase Crissy
awareness and provide a complete
web databank for the Crissy Family
and hopefully provide folks with a lot
of fun along the way getting there.

Without YOU it won't happen. Only
when collectors pool their information
and willingly share among
themselves can CrissyTown become
a true success in meeting it's goals.

Welcome to CrissyTown and we hope
you will return again and again!