CrissyTown Site Frequently Asked Questions
I can't see Crissytown full pages without scrolling back & forth , why?
CrissyTown is best viewed at high screen resolutions like 1280 X 1024. This is the native resolution of most
modern LCD monitors. Older CRT monitors may only reach screen resolutions of 800 X 600 and if you have
such a monitor it may be necessary to scroll horizontally.
Firefox is a free internet browser that allows you to get the
full benefit of Crissytown's advanced features like PNG transparency, etc -- And you can
download it here.
Crissytown looks real cool, but why are some of the pages blank?
CrissyTown is still under construction. But while some sections of CrissyTown content are mostly
created by us -- many other areas will depend on YOU to provide the content. CrissyTown was meant
to be an Interactive Website that allows our visitors to provide input, and actual content for the site.
How can I get my pics in the Crissytown Galllery?
Ideally you will want to prepare your pics in JPEG format and not have them to be too small, and not TOO BIG
either. Usually pics around 300 X 400 and not over 150KB are the best. IF your pic is too small you may need to
resend it to be usable. Try not to send more than FIVE pictures at once - we have a slow dial up connection!
You may also write a caption for a pic!  Just email the attached pics to us at:
Is there a Crissytown Chat Forum or Bulletin Board?
CrissyTown does sponsor Chat Forum at this is a state-of-the-art advanced php
powered bulletin and chat board.  Come register at Crissychat today! Start a new Crissy topic or join in an existing
I submitted material from a Crissy related book why isn't it posted?
If you submit text and/or pictures from a Copyrighted source, we can't use it on CrissyTown without the express
permission of the author or license holder. This will include most current publications either out of print or in
circulation now. Generally, it is best to submit original content you produced yourself and we will credit you for it.
I submitted an idea for iCrissy but you guys didn't use it, why?
CrissyTown does consider everyone suggestions - but sometimes the projects folks suggest are beyond our
present technical capabilities or they may not be practical for use at CrissyTown. Believe us we will use your
suggestions if we possibly can, so keep submitting your ideas, keep trying and we're sure your's will get used!
CrissyTown used an auction pic of an item I bought can I complain?
CrissyTown does not have a formal complaints procedure. If you have a concern you are free to email our staff
anytime. Before doing so though, you might want to ask yourself a couple of being why are you not
utterly flattered that CrissyTown would use your pic? And the other being if we copped the pic was the item your
property at the time, and hasn't it already been posted publicly on the Web for all the world to see? In the light of
these facts we hope you will reconsider, take a warm bubble bath and enjoy that latest Crissy auction acquisition
while we take care of running CrissyTown the way the majority of our visitors like it :)
If you have any questions or concerns about this site please email us
at the email address above and we will reply as soon as possible!

The Staff at CrissyTown
CrissyTown will be growing to meet your needs so please give us your feedback!
CrissyTown News & other interesting stuff to read below!
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Crissytown is conceptualized, designed & maintained by WebStudio Eight
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Any trademarks use herein are the sole property of their respective owners
all graphics, images & text are for the exclusive use of Crissytown. We are
not going to try and disable right click on these pages, that can be easily  
defeated anyway. Just play nice & do not use these images without
permission, on auctions, other sites, etc. Thanks!
You have arrived in CrissyTown!
What we mean by the UltraCrissy website
is no less than what the name says.

CrissyTown always welcomes your
suggestions to make this site more

We certainly do not claim to know
everything there is to know about the
Crissy Family of dolls, but the goals
of the site are to help increase Crissy
awareness and provide a complete
web databank for the Crissy Family
and hopefully provide folks with a lot
of fun along the way getting there.

Without YOU it won't happen. Only
when collectors pool their information
and willingly share among
themselves can CrissyTown become
a true success in meeting it's goals.

Welcome to CrissyTown and we hope
you will return again and again!