When your
"Talky" doll quits
sayin', its not so
fun playin'

Let Talky Town
Repair Service fix
her up Today!
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The most common problem:
Broken or Missing pullstring
The pullstring on these talkers
often breaks and disappears
into the doll.

Talky Town REPLACES that
frazzled and worn pullstring
with FRESH NEW pullstring fully
compatible with these
Ideal-made talkers. New string
means more pulls, less jamming,
longer life for your talker.

Talky Town can expertly replace
the pullstring and give your
Talker a new life. How many of
these precious dolls have been
trashed because they simply
stopped talking? We want to fix
them, and do it right so keep
reading to find out more...
Dried out lubrication
Inferior materials
With our basic repair service
we clean and relubricate the
mechanisms with compounds that
are healthy & safe for them.

When these talkers were
produced the manufacturers
used some substandard
materials to help maintain
pullstring "health". They did
what they could with what was
available at the time -- but
those materials over time will
have degenerated and most
likely also contaminated the
interior of the talking

Talky Town replaces these
materials with modern day
materials that will last
longer and perform more
efficiently over time.
Remember unless a talker has
been repaired/refurbished it
is ready to "bust" at any
time. Buying another worn-out
mechanism isn't going to help.
When things look bad...
There is still hope!
On occasion, the
talking mechanism can
be so badly damaged
that repair is just  
not possible.

In these extreme cases
though Talky Town can
install a good
refurbished mechanism
in your treasured doll
so she can certainly
talk again. The
refurbished mechanisms
receive the same care
that we perform in the
Basic Service.  
The Basic Repair:
Install new pullstring, clean & lubricate, replace obsolete damping pads - $50.00
Replacement Service:
Installation of a Talky Town refurbished talking mechanism - works excellent!
Replacement talking mechanism for 12 phrase Crissy -   $ 80.00

Replacement talking mechanism for 6 phrase Velvet -     $ 70.00

Replacement of talking mechanism for 6 phrase Crissy - $ 100.00
(when available -- availability for this item varies)

Repair upgraded to Replacement Fee -                            add $30.00
In the event you send us a doll for Basic
Repair and Replacement is necessary...

You can opt to pay the replacement fee
or have the doll returned to you along
with the payment refunded minus the
shipping cost for return shipping and/or

When you have made a payment for
Basic Repair and Replacement is
the extra fee is $30.00
How to order our Services:

Talky Town accepts Paypal, Money Orders, and checks (drawn only on domestic banks)

You should contact us via email for a short consultation and to arrange to have your
Talky Crissy or Velvet sent to us. We will also work out all payment and shipping details  
with you to your satisfaction. Contacting us via snail mail (postal mail) is also welcome
but not recommended so please email us for a timely response.

All services require payment in advance -- any applicable refunds will be processed if
they become necessary.

Upon inspecting the doll we will contact you with a report of what will be necessary to         
get her talking again -- i.e. Basic Service or a Replacement mechanism.

Your Talky Town Repaired doll is guaranteed to talk for 90 days or send her back for
repair at no extra charge!

Talky Town Refurbished talking
mechanisms have new pullstring and
are cleaned lubricated, and tested for

Our work has a 90 day guarantee!  
Welcome to the Talky Town Repair Service Page.

We are here to assist you with all your Talky Crissy or Velvet

We are also aware that you might be able to purchase a Talky
doll elsewhere for possibly LESS than what our basic repair
services cost, however you might want to keep in mind also any
doll no matter it's outward condition may also break the second
you pull it's string.

When Talky Town repairs your Crissy or Velvet talker
it's likely to remain functional for a much longer time
because of what we do.

So Let's Talk about those Benefits Right Now...
Notice: Please be aware with our current workload repair
or refurbishing orders may take from 6 to 8 weeks.
Thanks for your kind support of Talky Town!
                     "Thanks so much for your helpful service"

"Velvet talks again thanks to Talky Town"

"Talky Town service is great...I would have never been able to
fix Crissy on my own"

"More than satisfied, the replacement talk box works just as it
12 phrase Crissy
6 phrase Crissy
Talky Velvet
A Word of Good Advice:
All models of Crissy and Velvet Talky dolls
contain high-tension spring-loaded parts.
Lack of skill disassembling these parts by
the novice could render the mechanism

"Do-it-yourself" and very likely you will
require a replacement mechanism costing you
more... when a repair job could have restored
the doll's mechanism. Even opening the doll
could damage it if your are unfamiliar with
repairing them. Also consider merely getting
another cheap talky doll at an online auction
gets you nothing but another worn-down used
talking mechanism that could break at any time
even if you were able to swap them out
yourself successfully.
Crissy and Velvet Talkers get a New Start...RIght here!

Our Talky Town Repair Services