The "Talky" Basics
there are three distinct models...

Talky Crissy - 12 phrase
Talky Crissy -  6   phrase
Talky Velvet -  6   phrase
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Talky Crissy and Talky Velvet are very special dolls
and they have the cutest sayings!

In total Crissy and Velvet have as many as 26 distinct phrases
that we know of - and maybe more that we don't know of!

On these pages we are going to explore in detail these
wonderful works of the toymaker's art - not only will you
understand more about how they work but you'll also get a
chance to hear what Crissy and Velvet have to say -- and even
a "conversation" between them.
No kidding!

And the Talky Town Repair Service is now open.
Yes, most silent talkers can be fixed to talk again or
have a damaged voice box replaced.
If you have an ailing Talky doll and would like to
have her talk again we will be happy to be of service!