Both the 12 & 6 phrase Talky
Crissys came wearing this
satiny pink outfit
Note: Speaker opening position on the
12 phrase Talky doll. Talky Crissy is
the only Crissy that has a molded
navel. The hair release button is
placed higher on the torso to allow for
the talking mechanism.
The pull string is located on the side of
the doll's torso in the 12 phrase models
To the right is the heart of 12 phrase
Talky Crissy, her voice box. It is a wholly
enclosed unit unlike the open design of
the two 6 phrase dolls. Facing front
is the sound transducer, which is very
much like a speaker - but there is no
electromotive force involved, only mechanical.

A vinyl ribbon etched with Crissy's voice
patterns is played by a metal stylus that makes
contact with the transducer creating the sound
when the string is pulled.  A system of springs
and gears control the speed and rewind the
ribbon for the next pull.
Rear view of the voice box
showing the string outlet
On the left is the front half of the 12 phrase Talky Crissy
showing the location of the opening for the speaker.

Note also that the body construction is not like that of
the standard straight body as the legs are not free turning
with their flanges inside the body, but
molded extensions hold the legs on.

Attempting the method of "popping off" the legs on
this model would most likely end up badly damaging
the doll. She screws apart easily enough
though to work on the parts inside.
This view shows the voice box in place inside the torso.
The voice box is not fastened down or mounted
in the torso but when the two halves of the body
are put together it will stay in place.

The "notches seen on the side of the torso are
to provide extra openings for the transmission of the sound.
As you can see the speaker did not lay directly against
the opening in the front of the doll. This may have been a
shortcoming of this design. When the voice box is
removed from the doll the sound is loud and quite clear.
The less common Six
phrase Crissy uses the
same design as the Six
phrase Velvet both in
overall body construction
and also voice box type.

This doll is dramatically
different than the 12
phrase model and she
also says completely
different things from the
12 phrase doll.

The things she says for
the most part are rather
odd and you might have
to wonder if little girls
would have found her
very desirable. Nothing
she says has to do with
her major feature, her
hair all at.
Beside the different sayings of this doll it is also
easy to identify because of it's distinct physical
construction which is very different from the
standard Talky doll.

1. Speaker opening is in front of doll and not to
the side.

2. Pull string is in the rear of doll over the right

3. Six phrase Crissy has molded nipples rather
than the regular smooth chest.
This is where my speaker is. Ideal had
to raise the position of my grow hair
release button to house the voice
mechanism inside of me. The way I
work it's not much different from an old
Edison cylinder reproducer!
Around back you can see my pull
string with the cute butterfly! My bod is
also fastened together by screws.
The "Talky" Basics
there are three distinct models...

Talky Crissy - 12 phrase
Talky Crissy -  6   phrase
Talky Velvet -  6   phrase

The Twelve phrase Crissy and Six phrase Velvet are the most common Crissy-line talkers.
SIx Phrase Talky Crissy is a rarer model.
Six phrase Crissy and Velvet have the same type of voice box while Twelve phrase Crissy is
much different not only by her voice box but overall construction.

In addition to these basic models unusual Seven phrase Talky Crissy & Velvet are known to
exist. Each of these dolls has an extra saying besides the usual six phrases.

Now lets take a look at some of the details starting with 12 phrase Crissy!
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