Grow Hair World is our newest and most
interesting addition to the site. Did you know
about dolls like Brazil's
Crecy  & Japan's
Charm Scarlet? Well, they have "growing hair"
too so go and see!

And that reminds us, to remind you that  
CrissyTown is an "interactive" site. That  
means YOU can actually submit content we
can publish on the site.
The interactive areas are NEVER
complete...we just keeping adding on new
content as you send it in!

iCrissy area is the place to go for
interactive fun! And be sure not to miss  
Crissy's World Wide tour.  The
response has been truly amazing  so go
check it out

The Crissy
Knowledge Base has basic into
on all the Crissy Family dolls
and you can help it grow
by helping to add accurate
content in text and pictures!
such as
mouse "roll overs" in
our graphics.
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The Crissy Doll Family
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Collectible Doll Fashions: 1970
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What we mean by the UltraCrissy website
is no less than what the name says.

Do you want "at your fingertips" info and
pics on Beautiful Crissy doll, Velvet doll and
other Crissy Family dolls ?
Wanna see groovy vintage and the hottest
OOAK Crissy dolls & fashions?
Curious about other grow-hair girls outside
the Crissy family?
Try browsing our Galleries, or maybe add
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We are bringing it all to you in a slick, professional
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And You can help CrissyTown grow! We believe that
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Crissy's Mailbox
Welcome to Crissytown!

If this is your first visit you'll surely
love CrissyTown, the doll site with a
delightful difference - cuz it's all
about your fav doll of the 70's,
Beautiful Crissy doll & other grow
hair dolls only!

What else sets us apart from the
norm? Plenty!! Be sure to have your
PC speakers HEAR what's
new. When you go from page to
page you will hear cute "talky"
soundbytes exclusive to CrissyTown.
Gomez here,
She's here, my bambino,
its Crissy Lili straight
from Mexico!
She's one hot tamale with
her flaming
red hair!
Click my picture or hers to see more
pics of Crissy Lili!
Crissy says: I've got a secret about
Talky Velvet!
Clodrey Doll on
Grow Hair World
CrissyTown's Sister Site:
Featuring those Alta
Moda "S" Girls
Susanna Says: Click on my photo to go
to FurgaTown
CrissyTown's "minty" Talky Velvet
says the rare phrase, "Lets Play a Game" she
was featured on CrissyTown in 2006!  Click
on her photo to go to the original webpage
sharing her with the world 9 years ago!